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Workshop Videos

These videos are for teachers who cannot attend a CPM summer workshop training. The videos are portioned into video sets to make them shorter and more user friendly.

Click on the links to stream the video files.
Adobe Flash plug-in is required for viewing. If you do not have the plug-in installed, please click here to download.

'Watch Me First' Videos

1) Part 1: Introduction and Quick Background

2) Part 2: Explanation of Course Structure

3) Part 3: A Look at the Components of the Teacher Notes

4) Part 4: A Look at a Typical Lesson Format and Lesson Features

5) Part 5: Additional Resources

'Universal Access and Differentiation' Videos

1) Part 1: General Principles of Differentiation/Diagnostic Teaching

2) Part 2: Accomodating for Different Needs/Enriching for High Level Learners

'Assessment' Videos

1) Part 1: Introduction & Individual Tests

2) Part 2: Team Tests

3) Part 3: Formative Assessment

4) Part 4: Summative Assessment

'Using Study Teams for Effective Learning' Videos

1) Part 1: Setting Up Teams

2) Part 2: Managing Teams

3) Part 3: Interacting with Teams and Teaching Strategies

'CPM Philosophies and Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action' Videos

1) Part 1: Overview of CPM Philosophies

2) Part 2: Seeing the Philosophies in Action

3) Part 3: Overview of the Standards for Mathematical Practices

'The First Week' Videos

1) Video 1: Introduction

2) Video 2: Teacher Materials/Classroom Setup, Part 1

3) Video 3: Teacher Materials/Classroom Setup, Part 2

4) Video 4: Student Materials

5) Video 5: Team Organization and Roles

6) Video 6: To Do List

'Circulation' Videos

1) Part 1: General Principals of Circulating

2) Part 2: Circulating Scenarios

3) Part 3: Circulation In Action, Part 1

4) Part 4: Circulation In Action, Part 2

'Questioning' Videos

1) Part 1: General Principals of Questioning

2) Part 2: Questioning Scenarios