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CPM Bookmark (2014)   pdf PDF (144KB)
Comics for Grouping (2014)   pdf PDF (569KB)
CPM Philosophy Posters (2013)   pdf PDF (98KB)
Introduction to Study Team Support   pdf PDF (415KB)
Practice Posters (2013)   pdf PDF (1.4MB)
Study Team Expectations and Roles (2014)   PDF (1.6MB)
Study Team Strategy Cards (condensed version)   PDF (193KB)
Study Team Support: AC (Algebra Connections)   PDF (568KB)
Study Team Support: GC (Geometry Connections)   PDF (1.6MB)
Study Team Support: A2C (Algebra 2 Connections)   PDF (540KB)
Study Team Support (PowerPoint file) pdf PPT (284KB)
Study Team Teaching Strategies (2014)   PDF (240KB)
Study Team Teaching Strategies Cards (2014)   pdf PDF (135KB)
Study Team Teaching Strategies Cards Standardized (2014)   pdf PDF (135KB)
STTS cards for laminating back-to-back (2014) pdf PDF (197KB)
Study Team Teaching Strategies Poster (2014)   pdf PDF (238KB)
Team Roles: Cards (2012) ZIP PDF (60KB)
Team Roles: Norms (2012) ZIP PDF (64KB)
Team Roles: Placemat (2014) pdf PPT (127KB)
Team Roles: Teaching Activity (2012) ZIP   (64KB)
Teams: 5 pg Poster   PDF (61KB)
Teams: Poster   PDF (66KB)
Teams: Poster with pics   PDF (295KB)
Using Team Roles with Study Teams   PDF (244KB)

General Resources

Some of the resources mentioned at the workshops for new CPM teachers are available here.

Icebreaker Ideas   PDF (655KB)
Grouping Ideas   PDF (624KB)
Team Jobs   PDF (96KB)
Team Point Chart 2   PDF (56KB)
Team Roles Poster   PDF (69KB)
Team Roles Poster #2   PDF (27KB)
Team Bonus Points   PDF (52KB)
Chart for Recording Team Bonus   PDF (132KB)
Sample Team Bonus Points 2   PDF (64KB)