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CPM Research Base

Research Base for the Principles of the CPM Program by Dr. Tom Sallee, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis PDF (180KB)
2013: Research Base Executive Summary PDF (143KB)
2013: Full Research Base Report with Bibliography PDF (280KB)
2006: Research Base Executive Summary PDF (88KB)
2006: Full Research Base Report with Bibliography PDF (228KB)

Related Information

2006: Assessing Effectiveness of Curricula PDF (44KB)
2005: CPM Impact Over Time PDF (132KB)

CPM Studies      
Introduction to the Reports and Studies about the
College Preparatory Mathematics Program (CPM)

CPM Studies: 2010-2013

2013: CA: CST results 8th grade & High School 2011-2013 summary PDF (55KB)
2013: CO: CSAP/TSAP Results 7th-10th Grades 2011-2013 summary PDF (42KB)
2013: WI: WSAS Results 7th, 8th & 10th Grades 2010-2013 summary PDF (44KB)
2012: PA: PSSA Results 7th, 8th & 11th Grades 2010-2012 summary PDF (41KB)

CPM Studies: 2003-2010

2010: CA: CST Results: High Schools 2004-2010 summary PDF (102KB)
2010: CO: Results for CSAP Mathematics Tests, 2005-2010 summary PDF (74KB)
2010: WA: State Test Results for CPM Schools summary PDF (74KB)
2009: WI: WKCE Results: High Schools 2008-2009 summary PDF (36KB)
2008: CA: CST Results: Middle Schools 2004-2008 summary PDF (36KB)
2008: PA: Pennsylvania State Test Results 2005-2008 summary PDF (80KB)
2008: WA: Issaquah, WA 10 Year WASL Trend summary PDF (36KB)
2007: CA: Center HS Tri-Valley Results 2005-2007 summary PDF (104KB)
2007: CA: Closing Achievement Gap, Oceanside, CA summary PDF (80KB)
2007: CA: El Camino High School, Oceanside, CA
(Full report)
summary PDF (56KB)
2006: WY: Gillette, WY ACT 2005 scores summary PDF (12KB)
2005: CA: Course Patterns, Inner City San Francisco summary PDF (44KB)
2005: CA: High Performing Schools SAT-ACT summary PDF (36KB)
2004: CA: Center HS Tri-Valley Comparison 2004 summary PDF (60KB)
2004: CA: Lowest Quartile CAHSEE & SAT summary PDF (44KB)
2003: CA: FFA Impact on CAT6 Tests summary PDF (52KB)

CPM Studies: 1998-2002

2002: CA: SAT9 1998-2002 Comparison of
CPM High Schools
summary PDF (72KB)
2002: SAT9 Results PDF (36KB)
2001: CA: Santa Barbara HS Comparison Study summary PDF (64KB)
2001: SAT9 Results PDF (24KB)
2000: Algebra 1 CPM vs Non-CPM Test Performance summary PDF (48KB)
2000: SAT9 Results PDF (20KB)
1999: SAT9 Results PDF (16KB)
1998-2002: SAT9 Results Summary PDF (36KB)
1998: SAT9 Results PDF (16KB)

CPM Studies: 1992-1995

1995: High Ability-Calculus Predictor summary PDF (44KB)
1994: Written Response Study summary PDF (192KB)
1993: Written Response Study summary PDF (160KB)
1993: Study of MDTP Results summary PDF (44KB)
1992: Written Response Study summary PDF (128KB)
1992: Study by Decile summary PDF (40KB)