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CC textbooks
To order CPM materials for your school, please complete the order form(s) below and submit by mail or fax to:

CPM Business Office
9498 Little Rapids Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758
T (209) 745-2055
F (209) 251-7529

Spanish translations of all of the Core Connections high school courses will be available beginning this summer. Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Integrated I-III.

The Parent Guides with Extra Practice for all high school courses will also be translated to
Spanish and will be posted on our website for free download as soon as they are available. Teachers will have access to assessment materials in Spanish through their eBooks.

Spanish version of our middle school courses, Core Connections, Courses 1-3 are already available. The Core Connections Courses 1-3 Parent Guide with Extra Practice is a available for free download!

One-year eBook licenses are now available!
Parents may purchase a one-year eBook license of their student's book for $10 through our e-Commerce website.
Parents – order your student's book here! Parents may purchase their student's book through our e-Commerce website.

CPM Texts and Materials

The CPM Core Connections series is aligned to the CCSS.

These order forms have the ISBN numbers and price information for ordering the CCSS-aligned Core Connections 1-3 middle school courses and the high school courses Core Connections Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, and Core Connections Integrated I-III. Both high school course sequences, traditional and integrated, are aligned to the CCSS Appendix A. The integrated series is based on CPM's traditional high school course sequence (CCA, CCG, & CCA2), ©2013, ©2014.

Integrated I is available now; Integrated II and III will be available by late June 2015. For more information about the Integrated I-III series, click here.

CPM Materials List Order Forms:
Core Connections: Condensed Price Sheet (form revised March 2015) PDF
Core Connections Series (CCSS Editions 2013-2015)
(form revised April 2015)
This list has the ISBN numbers and price information for ordering the final editions of the CCSS-aligned Core Connections 1-3 middle school courses and the CCSS-aligned Core Connections Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry.

Integrated High School Series (2014)
CPM is pleased to announce an integrated high school curriculum (Integrated I-III) that follows the CCSS Appendix A pathway. (Integrated IV will be considered in the future.) This series will be based on CPM's
recently completed traditional high school course sequence (Appendix A's pathway) entitled Core Connections Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 (CCA, CCG, & CCA2), ©2013, ©2014.

Connections Series (2005-present) (form revised April 2015)
This list has information about the Making Connections, Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry Connections, Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses that are currently available.

Original Series (1993-2009) (form revised December 2013)
This list is for ordering replacement copies of the original middle grades program Foundations for Algebra: 1 & 2 and the original high school program Mathematics 1-5. NOTE: LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE

Parent Guides with Extra Practice (form revised December 2013)
CPM provides Parent Guides with Extra Practice for the Core Connections series and earlier editions of most courses. The parent guides present each idea in the courses concisely followed by examples. Each booklet also contains hundreds of additional practice problems (with answers).

One Year Student/Parent web-based eBook license
(form revised January 2014)
Web-based eBook Licenses (online version of student textbook) are valid for 1 year and may be ordered through our e-Commerce website. An Internet connection is required. Once your eBook order has been processed you will receive an email with your login information.


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Course Samplers and considering the CPM program for adoption

Step 1: Website Sampling
You may sample two chapters from each CPM course by clicking here. On this page of the website you may also view a video introduction to CPM, read the research base of the program, review more than two dozen studies about the impact of CPM (state proficiency exams and other types of studies), and get information about the professional development and teacher support elements of the CPM program.

Step 2: Previews of Core Connections Courses
You may preview any of the courses by requesting a two-week eBook license. Click here to register.

Step 3: Considering the CPM program for adoption
After examining samples of the CPM curriculum, if you find the materials promising for your students, want more information, or need to see copies of the textbooks, contact your CPM Regional Coordinator, Chris Mikles, or Lonnie Bellman. Click here for contact information. They can explain the professional development component of the CPM program and work with you to obtain additional materials or arrange a meeting or presentation for you.

Note: If you are seriously considering using CPM or have decided to do so, it is critical that you inform CPM of your plans as early in the spring of the year prior to implementation as possible so that professional development workshops may be scheduled to meet your needs.