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For a list of the CPM Directors, Program Coordinators, and
2014-2015 Regional Coordinators, click here

The Regional Coordinator can assist you with learning more about our program, explain the professional development component of the CPM program, and work with you to obtain additional materials or arrange a meeting or presentation for you.

For general transactions with the Business Office:
orders@cpm.org (to send purchase orders)
orderstatus@cpm.org (to check status of current orders)
payroll@cpm.org (to submit timesheets)
ap@cpm.org (to submit AP invoices)

General Information/Comps/Samplers/Database/Books
Lorrayne Graham lorraynegraham@cpm.org
T (209) 745-2055 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST)
F (209) 251-7529

Accounts Receivable, Quotes, eBook orders
Jill George jillgeorge@cpm.org

Administration and Accounts Payable
Debbie Jacobs debbiejacobs@cpm.org

Workshops, Conference and SLI Registrations
Anna Poehlmann annapoehlmann@cpm.org

For professional development and adoption questions, contact:
Chris Mikles chrismikles@cpm.org
T (888) 808-4CPM (808-4276)
F (208) 777-8605

For research questions, contact:
Leslie Dietiker lesliedietiker@cpm.org

For the CPM newsletter, contact:
Karen Wootton karenwootton@cpm.org